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Jahbulani Products is a premier line of therapeutic natural hair and skin care preparations and herbal tea blends and tinctures, suitable for customers of all ages and stages of life. Our customers, community, and environment are our priority and our motivation for providing a range of natural products and services which promise to enhance their quality of life. Jahbulani products are manufactured by Roots Groundation, a privately held dynamic family company that was founded in 1995. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best and most affordable priced products for the entire family. With over 25 years’ experience researching natural and organic ingredients, we have developed an unsurpassed line of products, which will enrich the senses, excite the mind, uplift the spirit and rejuvenate the body.

Andrea "Sistah Cuchy" Brathwaite-Clunie 

Andrea ‘’ Sistah Cuchy “Brathwaite-Clunie is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur who is certified and experienced in herbology, aromatherapy, stress reduction, and reiki. Better known by many as Sistah Cuchy, she hails from a lineage well versed in the everyday use and application of herbal recipes as healing therapy.

Sistah Cuchy grew up watching her grandmother manipulate herbal applications to prevent illness and maintain health. However, it was not until about 27 years ago that this enduring relationship transitioned into intense and in-depth formal study of the properties and relevance of herbs and their application as a healing medium. Out of this experience it seemed a natural progression when Sistah Cuchy created Jahbulani, a highly regarded and much sought after line of natural skin and hair care products which incorporated, spiritual, healing, and medicinal properties of herbs and essential therapeutic oils. She lectures and teaches classes in aromatherapy and herbology, specializing in women’s health. She also conducts a women’s healing circle and has presented at holistic seminars both locally and internationally. Shortly after developing and launching Jahbulani, Sistah Cuchy graduated from Medgar Evers College with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration.

She is deeply involved with and heavenly committed to her family and the community and serves as a positive mentor to all she meets. Sistah Cuchy encourages herbal usage amongst all generations.


Certifications: Green Medicine, Natural skin and hair care consultation, Dr Duncan’s Natural health and wellness therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki.

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