Jazz Up Your Life Now has been dedicated to supporting women in transforming. Shifting, enhancing, rejuvenating and healing their health since 2001.

At Jazz Up Your Life Now we hold seminars and workshops, in the U.S. and the Caribbean on Vegan/Vegetarian Food Preparation, Living Foods, Detoxification all in an effort to help our clients create an environment that is supportive and healing. Our commitment to wellness initiates the whole body, the whole mind and the whole spirit. As a whole woman healing can become solidified when the whole body is aligned completely.

At Jazz Up Your Life Now we have been supporting women to take charge of their bodies, bringing it back to wellness from illnesses such as high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol. Jazz Up Your Life Now also supports women to make other lifestyle changes to combat cancer, lupus, Lung Sarcoidosis, asthma, menopause and other health challenges. You are supported in recognizing and identifying the draw backs you are experiencing in achieving optimal wellness.


Through our Wellness Workshops, Healthy Food Preparation, Meditation Classes, bathhouse protocols and visits Our work with women focuses on feeding your body the right foods to enhance your wellness, committed spiritual beingness, living your truth, and strengthening your body, your mind and your spirit  to enhance the longevity your of life.   

Clients are seen live in person, via Skype, by telephone, or Go to Meeting. 

Jacinta “Jazz” Fenton was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.  She has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean, Europe and the United States, and presently resides in New York City, NY. 


She is the Chief Executive Officer of “Jazz Up Your Life Now” a health and wellness company supporting women on their road to wellness.  She is also the CEO and instructor of Festive Palate Cookery School, where she teaches several holistic living and wellness modalities to include vegan and living/raw food preparation, body cleansing and detoxification to name a few. Caribbean Exotica established in 2012 is their parent company.  


Jazz as she is affectionately known was a team member of Citicare Health and Wellness Centre in Harlem, New York where she was supporting clients who prefer holistic wellness protocols and education since the spring of 2014 to the fall of 2016. 

Jazz is a graduate of the Cordon Bleu Cookery School in London, England and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach. Miss Fenton also studied at the China Institute in New York City as well as taught and prepared meals at Body, Mind Restoration Ithaca Retreat Centre with Living/Raw Foods. 

Jazz was instrumental in creating the first farmers market in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York in 2005, blazing the trail for the now.  Fourteen years later there are a total of five farmers markets in the neighborhood, who are bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to a neighborhood in need. 

Her studies expanded to Asian American Medicine with Dr. George Xavier Love, DOM, who practices with acupuncture, Qigong and herbal medicine.  More recently in addition to her many gifts, Jazz has joined the team of practitioners on The Circle of Light Program at Global Medz Internet Radio and now also holds certification from The Life Mastery Institute – The Premier Training Centre for Transformational Coaching. 

 In her practice as Health and Wellness coach, she specializes in teaching Raw/Living Foods preparation, with a focus on how to use specific foods to support specific organs, body functions and to maintain optimal wellness.  Miss Fenton also encourages her students to incorporate the benefits of spirituality into their wellness regimen through consistent applications of spiritual practices like yoga, Qi Gong and meditation, as well as using aroma therapy therapeutic essential oils to support and maintain wellness and spiritual enhancement.

In her many travels Miss Fenton has appeared on radio and television programs in the United States and the Caribbean and has written wellness articles for publications in both geographical areas.  She has participated and presented at The Baltimore Times Health Fair in Baltimore Maryland and more recently at Medgar Evers College Health Fair in Brooklyn, New York.


As a twenty five year cancer survivor Jacinta has continued her journey of living in wellness, travelling and supporting other cancer survivors, while teaching others to live through challenges of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, symptoms of Menopause, and other degenerative diseases. 


In 2012 Jazz suffered a debilitating stroke from bleeding on the brain. Since that time Jazz has rebounded and has received accolades from her practitioners who have been shocked at her rapid and complete recovery. This unprecedented incident has allowed her to become more vocal on the life changing benefits of living a healthy lifestyle to anyone who would listen. 

Jazz is committed to living well, taking the best care of her mind, body, and spirit and sharing all the known and unknown secrets of wellness; while supporting others on their journey to optimal health; her mission. 

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