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Uncooked food is raw food. Uncooked hydrated foods are living foods.


Many years ago when I was challenged with cancer I was introduced to Living/Raw Foods. Adapting an organically grown raw food lifestyle saved my life and set me on a path of wellness I had never known before. 

It changed my life and set me on a path to share my health challenges and my work in moving through life threatening circumstances on a few occasions. 

Nourishing with live/raw foods supported my digestion and allowed my body to absorb more beneficial nutrients. 

I began to pay diligent attention to the foods I ate, where they were grown, how they were grown, harvested and shipped. This became super important to me as I wanted to get foods that were fresh and filled with nutrients to help heal and nourish my body. 

The benefits of enzymes became the most important knowledge I could learn. Enzyme support the liver to cleanse the body, they rejuvenate the body and supports the body to release toxins. 

Adding more live foods to your daily meal plan support a healthy digestion and alkalizes your body, preventing unnecessary illnesses and dis-eases from invading your body environment. 

Uncooked foods mean that the foods you eat have vital energy and maximum nutrients. 

Living foods lifestyle means enjoying raw foods such as sprouted nuts, seeds and grains; as well as fermented foods filled with probiotics. It means enjoying fresh juices such as wheatgrass juice rich with nutrients, filled with chlorophyll to rejuvenate and heal your body. 

With the Pre-Mastication of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds allows the body to digest and absorb maximum vital nutrients in each meal. Pre-digestion of the foods you eat supports your body to do the important work of cleansing and restoring wellness more rapidly. 

Adapting a living/raw food lifestyle changes your body environment and shifts your energies to become vibrant, my mind becomes clearer, your skin glows, the sclera your eyes shifts from grey to sparkling white and your through it all you become calmer and more observant.

There are many theories as to when one should eat raw/living foods; my rule of thumb is 100% during the warmer months if you are living in Europe and North America; during the colder months at least 30% of the foods you consume should be raw and alive. 

Living foods are the building blocks to a wellness, healthy. 

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